Recommended Dietary Allowances of Magnesium for Children and Adults (National Institute of Health USA)

The usage of magnesium is based on the body’s weight. For example for a 110 pound person the recommended dosage is 300mg while for a person with the weight of 154 pound should use 420mg. The most noticeable side effect is loose stool or diarrhoea. The normal intake of magnesium according to Mark  Sircus is about 300 to 400mg a day. He explains the appropriate dosage of magnesium for oral intake is approximately 6-8mg per body weight per day. (1) (2) (3) 


Age             Men             Women            Pregnancy            Lactation  

1-3               80 mg            80 mg                     -                        -

4-8               130 mg          130 mg                   -                        -

9-13             240 mg           240 mg                    -                       -

14-18           410 mg           360 mg               400 mg              360 mg  

19-30           400 mg           310 mg               350 mg              310 mg  

31+              420 mg           320 mg               360 mg              320 mg  


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3.    Qais, M. Magnesium: The Health Restorer- The Missing Link To Recovery



How To Use Magnesium (Body Food)

Suggested Use for Consumption:

Adults: 1-6 drops/250 ml in water, juice or beverage, 2-3 times daily.  Do not consume undiluted.

Children: 1 drop /200 ml  in water, juice or beverage, 2 times daily.


Transdermal Usage of Magnesium (Body Food) 

Skin: Gently spray magnesium on your skin and feel the rejuvenation and silky skin. Do not be surprised to see your wrinkles are vanished. 

Dental: Gently spray magnesium into your mouth  and feel your gums and teeth are strengthened.   

Foot:  Soak your feet about 20-30 minutes and feel the freshness. 

Pain: Apply and rub magnesium in  effected area such as aches, pains, muscle crumb and joints pain and feel the relief.

Cognitive:    Magnesium improves your memory and assists you to learn better.


Do not apply directly on your wound, face and eyes, unless diluted.

Reduced usage recommended (under the supervision of a doctor) for low blood pressure and severe

adrenal weakness. Not recommended for severe kidney problems and with myasthenia gravis.