Purest Natural Ionic Liquid Magnesium Chloride. First Time Introduced Into Malaysia By Restore Magnesium

From Ancient Zechstein Seabeds 1500 metres deep With Ionic Minerals & Trace Elements


1. Re-Store Body Food Ultra Premium,  Pure  Natural Ionic Magnesium Chloride Oil


Economy Size   260ml   RM170

Offer: Free 55ml Ancient Seasoning 


    Suggested Use: Adults: 

1-6 drops/250 ml in water, juice or beverage, 2-3 times daily.


1 drop /200 ml water, juice or beverage, 2 times daily.

Do not consume undiluted.

Consult doctor first for:

Very low blood pressure. Severe adrenal weakness. Severe kidney problems and myasthenia gravis.



2. Ancient Seasoning



Add to Food While Cooking, Retains Food flavour